Estate and Retirement Planning

Estate and retirement planning are NOT only for the wealthy.  Strategic estate planning for your personal and small business assets are needed to protect your life’s work and provide the best tax treatment possible.

This planning is vital to determine how you will live in your retirement years. How much to save, where to save it, how much insurance is needed are all questions we can help you answer.

As the cost of care in assisted living and nursing facilities skyrockets, paying for that care has become a major concern for our elder clients and their families.  Rather than watch the high cost of elder care disintegrate your life savings, you may be able to legally preserve some or all of your assets.  We can assist you in taking advantage of available means for preservation of assets and income.  We can assist you in planning in advance for you to create legal safeguards through Durable Powers of Attorney, Wills, Health Care Proxies/Living Wills and Trusts that properly address elder-care issues.  We can assist our elder clients with any or all daily record-keeping and bill payments.  We can take the worry out of these responsibilities, so you can enjoy your “golden” years.