Tax Preparation and Planning


  • Federal and multi-state income tax returns prepared using the most
    up-to-date tax software.
  • Convenient electronic filing to get your refunds as quick as possible.
  • Planning for correct withholdings and estimated payments throughout the year.
  • Tax planning strategies to minimize your tax liability.


  • Federal and multi-state income tax returns prepared.
  • Monthly/quarterly analysis of books and records to keep management informed to minimize year end tax liabilities.
  • Payroll services including convenient electronic tax depositing, quarterly and annual payroll tax returns.
  • Sales and use tax returns prepared for quarterly and annual filers.
  • W-2’s and annual 1099 informational returns filed.

Estate and Gift Tax

  • Estate Tax Returns, Estate Income Tax Returns and Trust Tax Returns prepared with beneficiary K-1 reporting.
  • Gift tax returns to report a transfer of assets to another individual.

Plan your withholdings and estimated tax payments, prepare for estate tax and gift tax.

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